About Us

[advisor_text_video background=”bg-white” show=”image” heading=”About Us” text1=”Broomz and Packerz is an indigenous professional cleaning Service based in Lagos, Nigeria delivering on-site automated quality janitorial, cleaning service and fumigation service solutions to both Residential and Commercial properties. We also extend our services to the sell of Home Inprovements as well as the collection of non-biodegradable products for recycling” image_id=”954″ text2=”With several years of experience, Broomz and Packerz is a name you can trust. We provide all our services to exceptionally high standards.

Relax, and let Broomz and Packerz take care of your Home Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Outsourcing Services, Once-off Specialized Cleaning etc. We are tailored to suit your needs.