Amazing Ways to Survive the Nigerian Harmattan!

An Overview of a city in Nigeria during Harmattan . (picture gotten from

Nigeria, popularly known as the giant of Africa 😉😉 is a country in West Africa which is home to tourists during the Festive Seasons especially Christmas Holidays. Caucasians, Blacks, Asians, Afro- Latinos, name it, they are all seen everywhere in Nigeria maybe because of our Harmattan 😉 or because of our diverse cultural and ethnic celebrations that starts from December to January. We Nigerians do love to party. 😃

That said, whether you are travelling to Nigeria to enjoy your holiday as a Tourist or you live in Nigeria, from November to January, you are definitely going to experience Harmattan. Harmattan is a dry and dusty northeasterly trade wind which blows from the Sahara desert over West Africa into the Gulf of Guinea and it is characterized by dry skins, catarrh, scorching sun, haze, dust, dirts, white face, dry or chapped lips etc but yeah, you don’t have to complain about the rain and no muds. In fact, perfume lovers like myself , your fragrance gets to last more. (I honestly don’t know how that relates, but I know my perfume fragrance lasts more during the Harmattan.🤣)

Anyway, being a Girl Guide while I was a kid, I still uphold my vows and so far be it for me not to give you tips on surviving this White Face, Chapped lips and dry/dusty air Season.

  1. Pay Attention to your living areas especially your Kitchen because the food is being prepared there, then your sitting room (by the way We Nigerians call it Parlour 😁) because you entertain your guests there, spend time with your kids so dusts and dirt have no place in these places.
  2. Clean Regularly be it drawing up a cleaning schedule for weekly cleanup or daily, you need to amp it up. I suggest doing a twice daily round. Dust and dirt come in from our windows, doors even from our shoes and so cleaning before you leave and after you get back is really ideal. Harmattan and dust/dirt are inseparable, you know.
  3. Keep Foot mats by the doors and also keep footwear stands at the door or right at the entrance of your house to minimize bringing in dusts and dirt. You can devise having a designated pair of home slippers which will not be worn outside.
  4. Change the Upholstery and Sheets of your Bed to fabric that repel dust/ dirt and are easy to wash. Dust mites are easily found in our beddings and we are expected to wash our pillows often and/or change them regularly.
  5. Get Experts like Broomz and Packerz . This is the most convenient way of handling your cleaning this season. We don’t just give you the very best quote, we will definitely give you the deep cleaning necessary for Harmattan. Invest on Cleaning Professionals and enjoy your holiday.

We hope the above tips will help you brave the Harmattan. We look forward to you calling us on (234)8037763006