How to Make an all Natural Toilet Cleaner!

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I love DIYs ( Do-It-Yourself)! Not only do I have fun creating new stuff (I practically feel like a scientist😉😉), I get to do better and along the line make something I didn’t even expect. So today, we will be learning how to make an all natural toilet cleaner. Yippeeeeee!!!

So, how often do you open up the water tank of your toilet? Never, Not often! But, if you look at the depths…. oh my , it’s a breeding ground for hard water stains, mold, mildew and bacteria. Ewwww🤢. What you will need? 1. WHITE VINEGAR ( CHEF WHITE VINEGAR 750ML cost N190 or Heinz 946ML cost N1060 or Spar 500ML cost N790, Fally White Vinegar 750ML cost N170). Pour 1 cup of Vinegar into the tank, allow it to sit while you clean the toilet bowl. Then flush 2-3 times to rinse out the tank.( you definitely do not want to leave vinegar for too long in your tank. It will erode your metal components).

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Do you want your toilet to sparkle and shine? Try the DIY NATURAL TOILET CLEANER especially for those who highly dislike the smell of toilet cleaners. What you need? 1. 1/2 cup baking soda – prices starts from N850 for 100g 2.10- 15 drops of lemon essential oil ( get from, or any drug store @ roughly N2000) 3.10-15 drops of rosemary essential oil( same from etc) 4. 1 cup of Vinegar 
In a glass bowl, mix your essential oils and baking soda and store in a jar until ready for use. When ready for cleaning, pour 2 tbsp of baking powder mixture into your toilet bowl. Scrub the bowl properly with your toilet brush and then add 1 cup of the white vinegar. This will react with the baking soda in a great foaming action in your bowl and then go ahead and do another cleaning with d brush and flush.

How often do you clean your toilet brush? 😉 This amazing friend never gets to be properly cleaned but it deserves a good cleaning if not, we transfer germs from it back to the bowl. Gross!🤢🤢 Ewwwwww ! While there maybe a debate here, I recommend you soak your brush in vinegar or bleach overnight for use the next day. And if you haven’t changed out your brush in awhile(like once or twice a yr), please do so. 😄😄

All prices mentioned above are from Nigerian Market Survey and may vary in prices due to international conversion rates. Hope we learnt something  amazing? Please share and drop comments below. This was brought to you by An automated janitorial service company in Lagos, Nigeria. Your dirt, Our Job!