Make your BATHROOM, your own Secret Haven for Relaxation – this is how!

Life is stressful especially if you live in Lagos. Be it work, relationships or kids, there are lots of things that can make your life stressful. Having a place at home where you can relax and get away from issues in your life is essential, and for many people (such as yours truly), the bathroom is that place. Speaking with some Bespoke Interior Experts in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, we have put down how to make your bathroom the most relaxing room in the house.

The Colours are Important

A calm atmosphere is integral for any room geared towards relaxation, and the main colour of the room is a crucial factor in this. While some may find white to be too bright or even dull in other rooms, in a bathroom, it’s hard to beat. Not only does it give you a great base to inject character in your bathroom with little accent pieces and splashes of colour, but being such a neutral and minimalist colour, white can be very relaxing. Also, considering the number of essential bathroom appliances which come in white, it gives you enormous scope to choose precisely the style of appliances you want.

Make the Most of the Light

Natural lights been introduced into your bathroom will always make the space feel nicer. Maximising this natural light during your bathroom remodel is important, but note that, this is dependent on the window placement and surrounding buildings. With that being the case, installing intelligent lighting fixtures to add light to areas which may be lacking it can help make the room feel bigger and more welcoming. However, being able to control the light is also essential. Some people find taking a bath in a darker, more calmly lit room very relaxing. Advancements in lighting technology have produced smart lighting which can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet and can alter the brightness and even colour of lights to allow you to set the mood to your liking. ( see Midas Interiors Lagos for options )

Well lit up bathroom with Natural Lights

Storage is Key

Doing the minimal has become very popular in interior design, but when aiming for a relaxing environment having a minimalist philosophy will always be a key component says Joy Patrick, CEO Diamond Design and Decore . What many people who are seeking a minimalist room fail to remember is throwing away all of your items is not the way to go. The way to achieve a great minimalist look is actually through intelligent storage solutions. Looking at surfaces with even just a few pieces of clutter on them can disrupt the overall look of a bathroom geared towards relaxation. Nevertheless, there are items such as toothbrushes and shampoo which you need access to daily, those can be kept visible. Find a functional storage space and get into the habit of putting them away consistently, so you don’t need to spend significant time tidying up.

Bathroom Storage Sample

In reality, we might not always have the opportunity to decorate our bathrooms especially if you are from this part of the World were Houses are difficult to get and most people pay rent but you can always redecorate and/ or manage your bathroom. You can reach out to for your bathroom maintenance and any other cleaning/fumigation services.

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