How to Clean your Home Fast! (Cleaning Hacks for everyone)

A LADYprenuer , MUMprenuer (ooh, I love these words) or an ENTREPRENEUR especially in Lagos, Nigeria can be very busy and if you don’t have a housekeeper or a cleaner who comes in occasionally to clean your house, then your Boudoir will definitely be a mess. Being that myself, I have decided to put together a cleaning hack for you when you get that spontaneous call for a visit in 10 mins.

  1. Attack the Sitting Room –  The Sitting room or Parlour  is usually the first place your guest(s) see or get to stay. So, pick up all clothes strewn about. Get a laundry basket, and stuff them in.  Wipe up tables, counter tops, dusts and flop seats. If you have a rug, pick up foreign objects from it. If there’s a stain (well, that will take extra 2 mins), grab a dish-washing liquid, put few drops in a bowl, wet your rag and scrub the stain. Use an air freshener to remove the dang smell.
  2. Clean the Toilet – Figure out the toilet you think your guest(s) will definitely use ; say the guest toilet and clean up fast. Flush the toilet and use toilet bowl cleaner to give it a good look and smell. Clean up the wash hand basin, wipe up toilet seats with rags and clean the mirror. Don’t forget to use the air-freshener.
  3. Clean the Kitchen – Do you know why the chose to clean the kitchen last? Usually, the kitchen is the dirtiest / untidiest part of the  house so if you start with the kitchen before anywhere else, you might not get everything done fast and besides, it isn’t embarrassing or ethically wrong for your guest(s) to see you tidying up the kitchen when they arrive. So start by stuffing the sink with plates (or your dishwasher if you have one – wow, you are a big woman ooo). Your guest(s) will definitely notice dirty marks or scuffs on tabletops, counter-tops first before anywhere else, therefore wipe up and clean all surfaces. If you still have time, sweep the kitchen and do your dishes. If they aren’t there yet, you can now clean your cooker/stove and mop the floors.

Put on music or the TV, sit pretty like you’ve got all under control but first shut all doors that you have stuffed stuff into LOL! You don’t want them wandering into rooms seeing Her Royal Majesty’s mess! lol!

Please, when your guest(s) are gone; CLEAN YOUR HOME! This is just a cleaning hack and not sustainable. Get a housekeeper, call @broomzandpackerz on 08037763006, we will work out something for you within your budget.

Have a beautiful day!

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