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Broomz and Packerz Provide Comprehensive Cleaning, Fumigation, Waste Management and Estate Management Services which are timely, efficient, and well within your budget



Why choose Broomz ‘n’ Packerz?


Our staff are professionals with excellent technical and communication skills with years of experience on the job: reliable, competent and efficient.


Our products restores the balance in your home/office by removing dirt, contaminants, and biofilm, and keeping it clean and fresh all day long.


We take care of our customers' needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful services and assistance before, during, and after the project


Our services are pocket-friendly, and we will work within your budget that corresponds adequately to the service you want provided for you.

What clients have to say

We strongly feel that the cleanliness in our office has a strong effect on our productivity, and we can thank BROOMZ ‘N’ PACKERZ INTEGATED SERVICES for helping to make our business so successful. They routinely clean our offices, and set us up on floor maintenance schedule that keeps our tile shining like new all year round. I have recommended BROOMZ ‘N’ PACKERZ INTEGRATED SERVICES to all my friends for their commercial, office and industrial cleaning needs.

FRANK Waterwells Services

When I began looking for a Home Cleaner, couple of people at Body Building and Body Breaking Gym Lagos asked me to use Broomz and Packerz, I was sceptical because of the name and no one I personally knew outside of the gym has heard of them but I gave in and called. I was impressed at how personable they were over the phone, and because they had time available that afternoon to rush over and give me an estimate. I was surprised that they were able to get me on their schedule in just a matter of days. Their customer service is phenomenal.

Lasbry Chivik Connections Motors

Satisfaction! That’s what you’ll get when you hire BROOMZ AND PACKERZ to clean your business and home- they actually do both. We’ve been utilizing their services for 15 months, and we’ve been nothing but satisfied. They have always provided excellent customer service anytime we’ve had an issue it has been promptly addressed. They are thorough and efficient, and they clean to high standards. Thank you Broomz and Packerz Integrated Services for the wonderful job you do.

Glory House Wife

I have used Broomz and Packerz Cleaning Service for move-in cleaning for three clients of mine and the job was spotless and clean. I can brag to be their first client ever and they didn’t disappoint me. I am still recommending them for more jobs, they make cleaning look effortless.

Ifeanyi Prinmark Properties ltd


Broomz and Packerz’s capabilities to effectively manage perceptions of her clientele base. Adherence to stringent ethical standards, as well as the use of project management tools, makes Broomz and Packerz capable of optimally satisfying the needs of her clients."

We are professionals who believe that cleaning is an art, so we take care of your property bearing in mind that we must give it the three aces of being CLEAN, HEALTHY and FRESH.

Pets are not a problem but we do need to be notified if you own pets. If you have any special requests regarding your pets, or there are any special circumstances we should be aware of, we will want this information to be included on your work order.

You do not need to be home, although of course you’re welcome to be. Many of our customers provide us with a key to their home, but with a list of personalised effects that aren’t locked up. We keep your keys and access information extremely secure.

We will love you to enjoy the type of continuity that will make you never to think twice about any type of change. We will make every effort to send the same cleaner to you for each visit. Though our goal is to provide you with consistency, no matter the change in staffing, but still all our employees are extensively trained to utilize the same efficient, effective cleaning techniques.

Every business is a risk, and this is riskier especially when a stranger goes through your home and office. Your properties are duly covered in terms of damages, total destruction as well as theft because of the fact that we are extremely insured. In the unfortunate event that a damage occurs, we will promptly make every effort to have the item repaired or replaced. All Broomz ‘n’ Packerz employees are fully insured to guarantee the safety of your possessions.


Our employees are not available for direct hire. It’s against our policy and this might affect the employee’s job continuity with us.

Here is how it actually works


Call our hotline and schedule an appointment. We will call you right back. The first thing is to discuss your cleaning needs, then there will be a free estimate. We will also provide you with a comprehensive lists of our wide range services so you can choose from any one of them that best suits you. Together, we will create a subscription that is tailored to your specific need and you will be provided a copy of it, plus any special instructions


Before any job commences, we would like to know if you are particular about any fragrance. The cleaner arrives on the cleaning day, voila, the transformation begins


Payment is either by cash, money transfer or cheque after the end of the job. For post construction cleaning, we would require a 50% down payment before the cleaning commences. We would also like your review/ testimonial of the job done

Waste Management/Cleaning/ Laundry Services

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